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Firefly Earphones (Black)

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1. SITUATIONAL AWARENESS Be part of two worlds at the same time with the Jabees Firefly Situational Awareness Wireless Earbuds. Studies found 8% of pedestrians accidents in urban cities are caused by the usage of electronics. We want to decrease this number and especially engineered a situational awareness feature to do so. The feature enables external sounds to filter in to let runners, cyclists, and daily commuters stay alert while still listening to their favorite music.

2. BLUETOOTH 5.0 EARBUDS PERFECT FOR SPORTS Thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5 which makes significant improvements in both speed and connectivity. With Firefly, the sound latency and unstable connections are the things of the past. Firefly is IPX5 waterproof. Unlike other earphones that break due to water, sweat corrosion or air moisture, Firefly also adopted a patented water safe nano coating by LIQUIPEL to protect against all the elements. Now, you can get wet, but your earphones don’t have to. Combined with the ambient sound technology, Firefly is here to keep your pump and safe while you’re hiking, climbing, running, biking, or anything else you’re into.

3. FAST CHARGING TECHNOLOGY Engineered for best charging experience. With just a 10 minute charge, enjoy up to 2 hours of playtime or 4 hours of premium music with only a 30-minute charge. Stay powered for up to 16 hours with the included charging case which comes with the USB Type-C charging contact and cable.

4. VOICE ASSISTANT AND AUTO POWER ON OFF Compatible with Siri and Google Assistant, you can access your personal assistant with its quick and easy access button function. Thanks to the latest auto power On/Off technology, it takes just one step to set up the connection. Simply take out the earbuds from charging case, the earbuds turn on and connect to each other automatically. Search ‘Firefly’ from your mobile phone and tap to connect. Want to turn them off? No need to press any button, simply put them in the charging case, then they turn off and the charging starts automatically. After the initial pairing, Firefly will automatically connect to your phone as soon as you remove them from the case.